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CustardCreations's News

Posted by CustardCreations - November 29th, 2018

So after the release of Murder Simulator (v. 0.0.1), I was finished, but then I realized the potential it had and all of its supporters. So with that, I present the announcement of Murder Simulator 2!

This game will take into consideration of all requests, including, but not limited to: 23 new, unique weapons, a bloody and anarchy-like aesthetic, full color and visual animations, and sound effects and music.

The weapons will all be sorted in categories like: Guns, Explosives, and Melees. And each will contain 5 or more weapons!

As for the weapons, this badass arsinel will harbor guns like:

*Spas-12 Combat Shotgun





Melees weapons will include:

*Combat Knife

*Sledge Hammer



*Fire Axe

Explosives Include:



*Land Mine

*Grenade Launcher (Newbtube)]


*Shrapnel Rail Gun

Extras Include:
*Various, fun joke weapons to use at your own entertainment!

(It's a surprise!)


Posted by CustardCreations - September 26th, 2018

I've noticed a lot of positive reviews on my latest game, Murder Simulator. Each one asked for the same thing: "Needs more ways to kill". I figured if I just ignored these suggestions, I could about my day, but I couldn't, so.....

There's gonna be an update to Murder Simulator with a lot of new things coming to it. First of all, I've added about 7 other weapons, and 7 more deaths! So now in total, there is about 10 ways to kill in Murder Simulator.

Not sure when It will come out, but I'm hoping for tommarow, if not, the next day, because it's not that long of a process. But thanks for the support!


Posted by CustardCreations - September 11th, 2018

So, I've been working on a new project, steming off of "The Best Game in the World", and it's actually an animation. Im about 30% into the animation, and I'll be finished soon, it's more of luke a comic dub, than a full fledged animation, but still works! 

            I'm also planning out another game called "The Worst Game in the World". It's not really a sequel to the first game, because it wasn't much of a game, but now that I know more about how flash works, I can make thus game a little better.

            Anyway, thats it for now.